Q: Are computers involved?


Q: Do you draw or paint on the canvas when doing FAFME ?


Q: How long does it take to complete a piece?

Up to 400 Hours.

Q: What happens when you make mistakes?

I don’t make mistakes!

Q: Do you draw your designs first?

Yes, but on a piece of paper which I put next to the sewing machine. I am a proficient painter and drawer.

Q: Is it a special sewing machine?

No, but I prefer a Bernina.

Q: Do you give lessons?

Yes I have taught in USA, UK and throughout Australasia, contact me for details.

Q: Do you use cameras or photography?

No and I don’t use computers either.

Q: Are your images original?

Yes they come from my dreams and people I meet and nature , they are copy right

Q: Where do your faces come from ?

Real people and dreams , I have just finished embroidering portraits of a family..

Q: Who taught you?

I am formally trained as a fine artist but I have self taught myself machine embroidery.

Q: When did you start?

Before I started primary school I used to draw cartoons on my dolls cloths with my grandmother’s sewing machine.

Q: How many coloured threads do you use?

Not as many as I used to . I now use optical mixing in the tradition of the Impressionist Artists like Monet and Seurat.

Q: Do you practice other art forms?

My whole life is art, I draw all my work first, I paint, and I make one off exclusive museum pieces of wearable art.

Q: Which art form do you prefer?

I find the detail I can achieve with machine embroidery is so fine that this makes this my favourite medium.

Q: What is the correct name for this art-form?

FAFME or Fine Art Freehand Machine Embroidery. It has also been called Free Machine Embroidery, Freestyle Machine Embroidery, Freehand Machine Embroidery, Machine Embroidery and Thread Painting

Q: Do you embroider clothes?

Yes as a matter of fact I do not own any clothes that I have not made and I embellish them all. I am active in the worldwide Wearable Art Movement.

Q: Can I see your work?

Yes at Beltana Gallery by appointment

Q: Has you artwork changed over time?

Yes I continue to experiment and love a challenge I am now embroidering on paper.

Q: Which artists inspire you?

The old masters, the risk takers, those who strove for excellence. Matisse Picasso, Klimt, Klee, Dali, Blake & Turner: their colour, originality, imagery, passion and they broke new ground. They were willing risk-takers individuals, leaders, free to experiment even when criticized.

Q: How important is your art?

My art is me, personal, colourful, and my passion. I live each day to create the art on the wall and the art that I wear. Creating encourages me to think about possibilities – to ask- what if?

Q: What makes me happiest?

Following my dreams!!

Q: Do I have an audience in mind when I am creating?

No! I love to create what I want, I create for me, to express my dreams.

Q: What is your biggest artistic achievement?

Acceptance, winning awards, teaching I get very happy making other people happy.

Q: Are you a full time Artist?

Yes I create all the time, I frequently are so engrossed I forget meals.

Q: Do you paint or embroider animals ?

Yes I am a member of The Royal Zoological Society and my inspiration comes from my life drawing of animals on location. I have just done a new body of work which is predominantly animals. This was exhibited at a solo exhibition at The Adelaide Zoo.

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