“10 higlights of The Adelaide Fringe – – – “Cheryl Bridgart” of 750 shows .” (SA Life Feb 2011)

“She is definitely one of those lucky people who enjoys every minute of her work and it shows in every stitch, every line, every zebra.”

“She observes real wild life, but often creates her own mysterious creatures. She only works from live subjects or her own imagination, never photographs”

“Bridgart, also is her own work of art.”

“The wonder of eyes, tiger eyes, zebra eyes, the wonder of faces, human faces animal faces, chimera faces ”

“Cheryl draws animals and faces with a sewing machine!”

“Cheryl is passionate about originality careful execution and meticulous finish.”

“Her images are intensely personal”

“Cheryl stitches surreal images which are infused with a sense of play and humour”

“She achieves a freehand quality which is vibrant with colour and joyous in its celebration of life.”

“Views her work as colourful and tactile diaries.”

“Mastered a style which translates her inner visions into the reality of thread.”

“Retaining the illusionary quality of memories dreams and fantasies.”

“The mastery suffused with mystery and intrigue.”

“Adelaide— a fairly small, still quite isolated, community is such a reservoir of unexpected, improbable and original talent.’

“I wondered why there seemed something familiar about the superbly unabashed designs of Cique du Soleil, until I realised Ms Bridgart has that kind of slightly surreal eye, the same order of penchant for fantastic imagery and rich whimsy.”

“Cheryl brings to us her extraordinary talents as an artist embroiderer, who uses thread as a painter would use paint.”

“Cheryl has established herself amongst Australia’s brilliant artists with her innovative and exciting work.”

“Her style evokes a very deep emotion in the viewer to appreciate and enjoy nature and inspires them to consider animals as a more closely related and significant species on this planet.”