About Cheryl Bridgart

Early in her career, she set herself a challenge that she would never copy, use computers, projectors, printers or any other medium on her embroideries, nothing but the stitch.

It is just Cheryl her eye, her hands, and her domestic sewing machine. 

Cheryl is a multifaceted artist she draws, paints but is internationally recognized master of the art form of Fine Art Freestyle Machine Embroidery and her museum quality Art to Wear clothes.

Cheryl has exhibited, taught and has works in collections in UK, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Greece, Vietnam, Russia, NZ and throughout Australia.

Cheryl, although fine art trained is self taught in embroidery (she drew cartoons on her clothes with a sewing machine as a child and has only worn clothes that she has designed, drafted, embroidered and tailored since she was a teenager).

Because of the spontaneity of her work she now can, and does embroider portraits live in front of an audience. This year she embroidered a portrait live of The Governor His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC. in front of an audience whilst being recorded for TV.

Cheryl accepts Commissions and collaborations and has created artworks as diverse as an embroidered cushion to portraits, to animal portraits, to art to wear waistcoats to mosaic installations.

What’s Happening


A video of Cheryl and her art have been chosen to be included in a time capsule to be sent to the dark side of the moon.

 “The Lunar Codex — www.lunarcodex.com- is a project to preserve contemporary creative arts for future generations, a message-in-a-bottle to the future,” explained the creator of the enterprise physicist and  filmmaker Dr Samuel Peralta. 

“It is sending the work of 5000+ visual  artists to the Moon from 162 countries.

The capsules also included , music, magazines, podcasts, TV shows, movies and books.

Dr Peralta said the collection was digitally miniaturised and preserved using high-end archival technology. 

“It is just mind blowing! “ 

“the Museum on the Moon”






“This theoretically could last a million years. But the manufacturer basically said it’s only warranted to do maybe 10,000 years,” Dr Peralta said.

It is rocketed via the Astrobotic Griffin / NASA VIPERROVER / SpaceX Falcon Heavy mission headed to the Dark side of the Lunar South Pole.

Some of the artists included in this collection are Ken Done, Ernie Dingo, Eric Rhoads, the world’s leading art promoter, Joseph Zbukvic, number one water colour artist in the world, De Gillett, Alvaro Castagnet, Herman Pekel.



 Three of Cheryl’s works will be included as well as her biography and  a  24-minute art documentary filmed in her studio. This video has been already distributed to  to TV networks in over fifty counties and to many online streaming services and Smart TV apps.

Cheryl said “We are only on this world for a certain period of time it’s pretty incredible to be included, I am honoured, I feel overwhelmed   my art — my creativity — it’s on the Moon!”




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Cheryl’s Art responds to her life and world events. Cheryl is an innovator, not a copier. She records drawings from night dreams interpreting them in textiles, creating tactile surfaces full of personal imagery. These playful themes evoke an Alice in Wonderland feel. Look deeper, and you will find hidden narrative and symbolism.

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