Cheryl Bridgart Featured On Colour In Your Life 

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In 2012 the show was nominated for two Logie awards, one being for ‘Best Host’, and the other ‘Best Light Entertainment Program’. ,
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Cheryl is a multifaceted artist she draws, paints but is internationally recognized master of the art form of Fine Art Freestyle Machine Embroidery and her museum quality Art to Wear clothes.

Self Portrait




Cheryl has exhibited, taught and has works in collections in UK, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Greece, Vietnam, Russia, NZ and throughout Australia.

Her Art To Wear garments have been exhibited in the UK, USA, NZ and every state of Australia.

She has had at least one Solo Exhibition each year for the past 12 Years.

Cheryl, although fine art trained is self taught in embroidery (she drew cartoons on her clothes with a sewing machine as a child and has only worn clothes that she has designed, drafted, embroidered and tailored since she was a teenager).

Early in her career she set herself a challenge that she would never copy, use computers, projectors, printers or any other medium on her embroideries, nothing but the stitch. It is just Cheryl her eye, her hands, and her domestic sewing machine.

Because of the spontaneity of her work she now can, and does embroider portraits live in front of an audience. This year she embroidered a portrait live of The Governor His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC. in front of an audience whilst being recorded for TV.

Cheryl accepts Commissions and collaborations and has created artworks as diverse as an embroidered cushion to portraits, to animal portraits, to art to wear waistcoats to mosaic installations.

Every year Cheryl choses to Give Back to society by giving three weeks of her time to worthy causes some of these have been opening her studio/gallery, ‘Beltana House’ a converted 1860s horse stable to raise funds for charity.

Cheryl adds to her instagram @bridgartcheryl nearly every day and puts a new blog on this website once a week, she also has a Facebook page Cheryl Bridgart Artist


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There have been four RSASA Portrait Prizes. Cheryl has the distinction of being the only artist using textiles as their medium to
Bernina arguably the world leader in making sewing machines approached the best textile artists of Australia to produce an artwork
For the last 10 years Cheryl has had a solo exhibition with each year an opening and over 1000 art
A Vast Emporium: Tales of Asian Art Dealers in a Global Age On 23rd August Cheryl in her studio Gallery

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