Bernina international 125 Year anniversary Celebration

Bernina a Swiss family owned company who arguably makes the best sewing machines in the world. Celebrated their 125 Year anniversary in October 2018 at Rosehill Racecourse in Sydney.

John Marshman, Mr. Hanspeter Ueltschi
Fourth Generation Owner & Chairman of the Board, BERNINA International and Cheryl at 125 years celebration

Bernina commissioned Cheryl to produce an hand machine embroidered artwork in black white red and gold Cheryl freehand machine embroidered a self portrait called “Independent Spirit”, which was exhibited at their 125 year celebration.

“Independent Spirit” Freehand machine Embroidery on canvas 84x112cm

Like all of Cheryl’s embroideries she starts by sketching her ideas on a piece of paper the on a standard sewing machine she creates her masterpieces without using projectors ,cameras, computers, paints, dyes or applique It is only Cheryl, her hands, her eyes, her domestic sewing machine and her experience.

The initial sketch on A4 paper “Independent Spirit”
Cheryl using her domestic sewing machine to draw some of the over one and a half million stitches to draw “Independent Spirit”
“Independent Spirit” (in progress)

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