“Life’s A Beach”- – Commission

Mark and Anna have several of Cheryl’s work including a family portrait, and she was very excited when they commissioned a piece for their beach house. their brief was birds, ‘beachy’, as big as a door and she had to help hang it. For this one occasion Cheryl broke her self restrictive rule to never use paint on an embroidery. […]
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Silver & Puss Wuss

One of Cheryls friends asked Cheryl to embroider her son’s cats Silver & Puss Wuss for his 21st birthday. Cheryl had known James since he was a small boy and got his cats. Silver and Puss Wuss will now live for ever
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2011 ‘Are We Different’ Adelaide Zoo SOLO

Dec 1/2010– Jan 8/2011(extended for another month) Santos Conservation Centre Adelaide Zoo Cheryl was approached by the Adelaide Zoo to have an exhibition at their conservation centre. This was like returning home because she had had 2 previous exhibitions at the Zoo one in 1993 called Noah’s Art was for the preservation of the yellow footed rock wallaby. I am […]
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