The Society for Embroidered Work London “S. E. W.”

The Society for Embroidered Work has one aim, Promoting and supporting the best in stitched art worldwide Founded by UK based textile artists Cat Frampton and Emily Tull in 2018 after a conversation about the inclusion of (or lack of) stitched/embroidered artworks in the art world. Only once a year S.E.W. accept new members from anywhere in the world applicants are […]
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PUBLISHED REVIEWS ABOUT  CHERYL’S ART EXHIBITIONS   “10 higlights of The Adelaide Fringe – – – “Cheryl Bridgart” of 750 shows .” (SA Life Feb 2011) “She is definitely one of those lucky people who enjoys every minute of her work and it shows in every stitch, every line, every zebra.” “She observes real wild life, but often creates her […]
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