Vishna’s Book on Wearable Art of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

Winged Beauty

I was approached by Vishna Collins an educator in Sydney who is writing her thesis on the history of Wearable Art in Australia to see if I could supply some historical garments to be photographed for her upcoming book. Vishna is also Chair of Textiles for (POPCAANZ) Popular Culture Association of Australia & NZ.

With pride, excitement and trepidation I sent 2 garments out of my collection ‘Winged Beauty’ and

Titillated & Shocked’ both from 1988.

I hoped they were suitable, I hoped they would get there safe.

Three days later I got this wonderful email from Vishna

The hand delivered Express Post package arrived this morning. I appreciate the time and effort that you put in preparing the package and sending expediently. I excitedly opened the package, and it was like opening up Tutankhamen tomb filled with historically significant objects. I slowly and carefully untraveled the packaging, and marveled at the unique and distinctive aesthetically appealing one of kind hand crafted wearable art objects. The small images that you sent recently don’t do justice to the historically significant wearable art objects. It’s only through close inspection that one can appreciate the aesthetics and complexity of machine embroidery, and the hundred hours that has taken to complete the work. Also, thank you for sending Textiles Issue No 129 March 2018.I shall enjoy reading the article whilst taking a break from writing my thesis, and enjoy a cup of tea in our Japanese garden, and listening to native birds singing. It’s a glorious sunny day in Sydney. You have made my day, thank you.

(If she can write like that I am really looking forward to her book what a wonderful Lady)

Winged Beauty‘Winged Beauty’ Title: – “Winged Beauty”

Date Made: –1988

Description: – Asymmetrical theatre coat and hat appliqued and heavily embroidered

Materials: – Poly cotton fabric, lining, thread, beads, metallic threads and plain fabrics for applique

Technique: – Applique and heavily stitched bird the feathers are lined, embroidered and attached to freely move

Inspiration: – Birds flying free from the restrictions of gravity art that expresses freedom, creativity and breaking boundaries 

Titillated and Shocked Pink applique and heavily embroidered asymmetrical lined coat and hat‘Titillated and Shocked’Title: – “Titillated and Shocked”

Date Made: –1988

Description: -Pink applique and heavily embroidered asymmetrical lined coat and hat

Materials: – Outer Pink linen, poly cotton and various plain fabrics for applique and poly cotton thread

Lining print cotton

Technique: – Applique shapes, heavily embroidered with faces, lips, eyes and patterns in thread

Inspiration: – Made in response to people viewing my embroidery wall art either delighted or shocked

Seductive and alluring with embroidered elements that invites to be touched.



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