2011 ‘Are We Different’ Adelaide Zoo SOLO

Dec 1/2010– Jan 8/2011(extended for another month)

Santos Conservation Centre Adelaide Zoo

Cheryl was approached by the Adelaide Zoo to have an exhibition at their conservation centre. This was like returning home because she had had 2 previous exhibitions at the Zoo one in 1993 called Noah’s Art was for the preservation of the yellow footed rock wallaby.

I am fascinated by faces and decorative dress in my vivid world of dreams. In this exhibition I have used animal, bird and human faces to express my relationship with the world. We all imitate the beauty, pattern and colour found in nature with clothing, accessories, make-up, tattoos and hairstyles and in costumes, parades theatre and art. This relationship and imitation is expressed in my Art of dream inspired narratives – collected from visits ‘to sketch’ and absorb the spaces within the Zoo.

The Zoo environment has inspired my creative spirit, sitting in the Zoo or atop a platform at Monarto, watching observing and sketching has been a place of tranquillity. It has been a space to be creative and to think. This rich interaction has merged in my dreams. My days are filled with sketching, painting and creative stitching and my nights are filled with visions of faces, animals, birds (real and imagined) and parts of the zoo. Eyes are said to be the window to the soul. My eyes whether animal or human engage, question and convey thoughts, dreams and desires.

My Art is not a photographic painting or stitched copy of my subjects, as I imbue an essence of the sitter into my Art with a strong dream presence, they are my interpretation. These dream images have a narrative, as I dare to be different, trying to make my mark on the world. This may allow the audience, both adults and children to interpret my work with their own stories and memories thus encouraging a sense of curiosity to the risk-takers, dreamers and innovators (especially the children who are naturally curious).

My hand stitched art works, created on blank white canvas or paper take hundreds of patient hours of free scribbling, hatching and rendering with a sewing machine from my detailed sketches.  My work has a close personal connection to me, as I sit for long hours conceptually and physically engaged with them, always aiming for excellence.

My exhibition aims to raise awareness, to encourage a sense of curiosity and appreciation to support the Zoo’s program of education about, respect of, and conservation of animal species for our children’s future.

I wish to support all the Art Lover Guests who came supported the Zoo and myself and in particular the 29 people who paid me the ultimate compliment by taking one of my works home for their ongoing enjoyment.

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