‘You Have to work hard; you have to be patient’. Youtube video

“Art in Adelaide”

A very talented duo of Alex Aleshin & Victoria Yurkova who run Art in Adelaide -tube documentary of Cheryl’s career

 incorporating Cheryl discussing

00:00 Video Introduction 00:28 Cheryl Bridgart talks about her studio at Beltana House 01:39 Cheryl Bridgart explains how to organize a visit to her studio 02:18 Cheryl Bridgart discusses her workshops at Beltana House 02:59 Cheryl Bridgart shares her journey of becoming a textile artist 04:37 Cheryl Bridgart presents her art-to-wear clothes 05:31 Cheryl Bridgart describes her art education 06:01 Cheryl Bridgart talks about starting her career as a textile artist 08:24 Cheryl Bridgart shares her teaching experience 09:24 Cheryl Bridgart explains what it means to be a full-time textile artist 10:59 Cheryl Bridgart discusses her artwork featuring nesting birds 13:03 Cheryl Bridgart talks about treating her art practice as a business 16:10 Cheryl Bridgart discusses her membership in different art groups 16:38 Cheryl Bridgart shares the difficulties that textile artists can face 18:15 Cheryl Bridgart talks about creating artwork in response to her work not being recognized as art 19:52 Cheryl Bridgart discusses the difference between professional and hobby artists 21:13 Cheryl Bridgart speaks about happy coincidences that could change artists’ lives 23:13 Words of gratitude 23:33 Grand final

Video- and photography: Alex Aleshin Interviewer: Victoria Yurkova Editing: Alex Aleshin & Victoria Yurkova Photos from Cheryl Bridgart’s personal archive Music: “Gently Does It ” by Justin Lee from #Uppbeat… License code: ZNQCAJ0V8RTAJNHB

 The video is viewable here copy this link: –

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