SALA 2021 “Twisted k-NOT” 8-22 Aug

For the last 10 years Cheryl has had a solo exhibition with each year an opening and over 1000 art lovers coming to see her new works with Covid she had to adapt with restrictions demanding  separation and masks unless sitting and eating or drinking. She adapted her Gallery to give the ambience of a Parisian Cafe with small tables each with four  chairs and what a success it was, with almost 1000 visitors and the average stay of each visitor over one hour. For the first time Cheryl could move around the room and chat to the visitors one on one.


Instead of having an opening the solo morphed into a 10 day “slow food festival” with Covid safe individual snacks and sitting to eat and drink.


Get them liking Art when they are young!


Every year some thoughtful guests surprise Cheryl by wearing  art clothes she has made for them or can you believe it Zebra outfits.



Twelve people gave Cheryl the ultimate compliment by taking little piece of ‘Cheryl’ home with them to a new home.IMG_0717




You can pick the fellow artists who visit. Isn’t SALA great!


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